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Maui Lahaina Yellow Caturra:
Our most prized coffee, the characteristics of this gem come from the volcanic soil and tropical climate of Hawaii. Expect soft, floral-toned aroma with round citrus notes and honey-like sweetness. In the cup, delicately silky mouthfeel and subtle yet complex flavors suggesting citrus, plum, nut, and more flowers with hints of caramel and toast that linger quietly into the long finish. Mature coffee husks are red giving them the name “cherry”. The cherry of this Lahaina Caturra is yellow giving it a distinctive atribute. With the infesting insect the size of a sesame seed devastating the Kona crop, the Maui has assumed it’s rightful place as a world class delicious cup.

Colombian Cup of Excellence:
Cup of Excellence is the most prestigious award given to fine coffees.  For that reason we proudly present Cafe de La Finca El Ocaso.  Nestled in the mile high central Colombian mountains in the town of Salento, the family of Gustavo Patino has grown coffee for over 80 years.  This cup is rich with papaya, vanilla, milk chocolate, and cedar notes with a sweet acidity through the finish. High Grounds Coffee Roasters is proud to be the exclusive provider of this award winning coffee in Baltimore.

Ethiopian Ardi:
Ethiopia is believed to be the birthplace of coffee. This varietal has a sweet and richly high-toned aroma: lemon, flowers, fresh-cut cedar, honey, with lushly bright acidity, medium body, and silky mouthfeel. In the cup the lavish acidity registers first, followed by a softer impression of night flowers, lemon, and a blueberry note that rounds toward cocoa. Extraordinarily long, resonant finish, deeply saturated with flavor.

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe:
This is a grade 2 varietal surprisingly lush and crisply juicy. Lavish, complex floral notes matrixed in ripe, lemony citrus, chocolate, with a pungent hint of cedar yield a sweetly bright, lively acidity and silky mouthfeel. It has a long, flavor-saturated finish.

Sweet fruit dominates in the aroma complemented by a crisp, roast-influenced cocoa note. The fruit turns more pronounced and multifaceted in the cup, displaying sweet hints of berry, black currant and orange with a continued cocoaish undertone. Bright but balanced acidity, silky mouthfeel. Fair Trade Certified.

Costa Rica Tarrazu:
Well-balanced aroma with suggestions of dark chocolate, nut and a muted hint of fruit. Rich, bright acidity, crisp mouthfeel. Nut and chocolate carry into the cup where the fruit becomes more pronounced, revealing berry and citrus complication. Fruit-toned, semi-sweet chocolate dominates in the clean finish. Fair Trade Certified.

Well balanced international blend. Makes great lattes, cappuccinos, or drip beverages. While most espressos are known for their bitterness, ours is sweet and smooth. Voted “Best Espresso” by the Baltimore City Paper and Baltimore Guide. Fair Trade Certified.

Rainforest Alliance Certified Brazilian:
Medium roast, medium body, with a bright clean taste and hints of vanilla and sweet almond. From the Daterra Farm in Brazil, this certification includes preservation of soil and natural resources and fair labor conditions for farm workers.

French Roast:
Dark and delicious with a sultry sweet smokiness and smooth finish. Fair Trade Certified.

Mexican Decaf:
A medium to dark roast with a chocholate note in the finish. Swiss Water Process. Medium body and medium acidity. It’s so good people return to our café counter and ask if it’s really decaf. Fair Trade Certified.

Baltimore Artist’s Blend:
Supporting more than 40 artists in Baltimore, this medium to dark blend is designed to bring creativity, passion, and inspiration to your daily life. Full bodied with breakfast; rich and smooth with dinner. This is by far our most popular coffee. Fair Trade Certified.

Medium roast, shade grown, sweet aroma with hints of wood and molasses. Delicate but well-balanced in the cup, with medium body, soft mouthfeel, and flavor notes of aromatic wood and fruit-toned chocolate in the finish. Fair Trade Certified.

A crisp cup with nutty undertones of almond, coconut, and a touch of tamarind fruit. Well balanced. This is imported from Café Feminino…coffee that is grown, processed, and exported by women. Proceeds benefit women in crisis here and abroad. Fair Trade Certified.

Columbian Supremo:
Amazingly good cup of coffee. This is the one to choose if you just want a "good cup." Well balanced acidity and body, distinctly sweet and free of bitterness. Goes well with breakfast or dessert. Café Feminino and Fair Trade.

Also Café Feminino, citrusy and bright, the botanicals really come through with apple, brown sugar and rose notes. Often regarded as the “perfect cup”, this is a true heirloom coffee. Fair Trade Certified.

Guatemala Antigua:
Balanced, delicate, softly pungent, floral-toned aroma. In the cup gentle acidity, silky mouthfeel, essential sweetness, great purity, with vanilla and caramel notes. Fair Trade Certified.

Deep aroma and complex earthy flavor. Full body with very low acidity making it exceptionally smooth. Perfect for use in a press, though great as a drip coffee too. Fair Trade Certified.

Rwanda Peaberry:
Soft, round aroma, muted notes of lemon and flowers. Balanced in the cup, gently tart acidity, lightish body, silky mouthfeel, continuing lemon and flowers. Some flavor carries into a clean, simple finish.

Italian Roast:
We call this “Dark Vader”. If you are looking for a smoky, super dark roast, then you will find it in this Ethiopian Harar roasted to its darkest perfection.

Papua New Guinea:
Very spicey aroma, almost clove like, fresh, clean, rich, and tangy with thick and rich vanilla bean, nice earthiness, slight spice notes. In the cup, buttery smooth, rich mouth feel, full body, well balanced, roasted almond with rich body and low acidity, nice creamy mouth feel, sweet tobacco leaf & spice in the finish. Fair Trade Certified.

We import organic, shade grown Arabica from around the Tropics. They are all GMO FREE.





We have over 40 artists in the series of our Baltimore Artist Blend series.

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